Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sea Grass

Sea Grass will feed shrimp and other sea creatures

On Thursday morning, July 23RD, 50 student volunteers from Pattaya City schools, Khun Umnat, Department of Environmental Ouality Promotion from Pattaya City Hall, Teachers, Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO, One of the keepers of the ocean and MaLee planted over 400 sea grasses at Thong Kata Bay in Naklua. The students came to protect and enhance the marine environment and coastline. Thong Kata bay is a very important resource, as there is no access there for tourists, and the conditions of the sea, soil and sand in the area is mostly suitable for planting the sea grasses. This is the first marine area in Pattaya that has been planted. Sea grass is an aquatic plant, and its foliage is a food and home for crab, shrimp and other sea creatures. Furthermore, the sea grass also holds the sediments and soil together, which prevents underwater erosion.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

We are all in this neighborhood together


Aloha Pattaya People
The Pollution Solution Group, Checked out the 5 storm drain pipes, that empty into the ocean at Bali Hai Pier, The reason we did this was because of the waste that was not draining out of the storm drains in Pattaya City and the mosquito's breeding in them.
We notified Khun Umnat at City Hall, telling him that they needed to spray the drains again to kill the mosquito's beeding in the toxic waste, Then pump out the drains, (Not) Dumping the waste into the ocean, After that digging out the storm drain pipes at the oceans edge, which are full of sand, blocking the drains from letting the rain water drain into the ocean.
We are also asking, that the heavy foot traffic areas around storm drains to be stenciled in Thai and English (GOES TO OCEAN) (NO GARBAGE) WITH A PICTURE.
We all need to take an active part in reporting storm drains that have garbage, cooking oil, cigarette butts in them, To City Hall, the waste all goes to the ocean, Killing sea life (SEA FOOD) And much of it washing back to shore, Making our beaches a mess, A danger to all, (Especially the children)
We re all in this neighborhood together, it is time for us to reach out and do our part, Don't wait for someone else to do the (Tam Boon) (Hearing the cry of Mother Nature) Take pictures of storm drains that have waste in them, send them to The Pollution Solution Group. We will take them to City Hall, Make sure you put the location with the picture. Mahalo Nui Loa, Thank You Very Much. "The Life of the People is in Our Hearts and Shows in the Land" Health and Happiness to all.
With Aloha KOTO, One of the keepers o the ocean