Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Andre J Barallon helps with Pollution Solution

For the past 40 years, The Pollution Solution Group have been trying to figure out, a simple easy way, not only, to recycle plastic, also a way to have smokers, quit flicking their toxic butts that children, wildlife could and have ingested, become ill, choke and some die, also contaminating all waterways and soil.
"Note"There are many smokers that know better and don't leave Toxic Butts Behind.
By attaching a water bottle to a tree, reversing the top so the butt, funnels into the water left in the bottom.
I take my hat off to an amazing young Australian man (A Brother) Also tremendously concerned with, Mother Earth, he not only talks the talk he walks the walk.
Khun Andre J Barallon
Kapun Krup, Mak, Mak, Mahalo Nui Loa, Thank You Very Much...
PS If there is anybody that cares, please do the same in your area, cha,cha,cha...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Pollution Solution Group Needs Help...Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO


We are sharing this with a few, testing the waters and asking for assistance, be it dog food, donations or inputs. Some of you have and continue to donate. We and all the dogs say Kapun Krup or Ka, Mak, Mak, Mahalo Nui Loa, Thank You Very Much.

This is a week's supply of food for 40 homeless, stray dogs, except for the 5 bottles of water, that is used daily.

Around 60 + kilos, 130 + pounds, 7 bags of treats, milk depending on what's on sale, (not shown) out of pocket baht is around 3,000 = $90.00...figuring 30 baht to the dollar, per week, which is quite reasonable, compared to prices in the USA.

To get a dog spayed, including a weeks stay, also 3,000 baht = $90.00

We seem to get just enough between us and donations to do the dog food, a few vet visits on injuries and now and again a spaying.  We're grateful for this.

We are looking at all avenues to see how we can get more spayed or neutered, depending on who we can catch or make friends so they will come with us with coin on hand.  We are always open for suggestions and donations.

At this point we are just happy that we can give them another day to live, one day at a time, until we can do more. A wag of a tail is worth a thousand words. We count our blessings that we can do what we do. Some of our best friends are dogs and the Thai's and Farangs that understand and help. We put collars on some so they are not picked up and taken to the death sentence shelter.

Mahalo for letting us share this with you.
Health, Happiness, Inner-Wealth to All

The Pollution Solution Group
Me, Myself and I
Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gerry aka KOTO helps his friends along the way

This past week, I've just been feeding, watering the dogs and putting medicine on homeless people that have stepped on glass or been hit with a rock by another drunk.

The pictures are...The wonderful loving father of my sweetheart and a great little boy that stays with them, when his mother works... A young boy selling his wares...And then a small group of my children (well fed) by me and others. All the dogs hear, see, smell me or my truck way before I arrive and start the wagging and looking for where I can park...Last picture a sad case, but he keeps on keppin on. He leaves me, tail high in the air, heading into the bush.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


The Pollution Solution Group would like to thank, Pattaya Mayor Ittiphol Kunplome, Deputy Chief Administrator Khun Apichart and Pattaya City Hall, for their "immediate" attention, once we notified them, about the dangerous problem, of exposed electrical wires, on most, if not all, the light poles on Jomtien Beach.

The inspection plates that cover the power, electrical wires, for all the Jomtien Beach, have been removed by someone, to sell, for food, drugs, whatever, It came to our attention when we saw a dog get electrocuted, (died) when it was playing and grabbed the exposed wires. (ugly sad site) All of these exposed hot wires, are low enough for young children, to put their hands, unknowingly on them.

We were going to put duck tape, around them until Pattya City Hall, was able to manufacture, new protective covers, without haste and the quickest response we have ever seen, Pattaya City Hall jumped into action, just a few days after we brought the pictures to City Hall and they were out there, repairing the problem, with proper, protective covers.

We want to retract all the yak, yak we have been giving them, when push comes to shove and our children's lives are at steak, Pattaya Mayor Ittiphol Kunplome, Khun Apichart and Pattaya City Hall, jump into action.

We take our hats off, to all of you and give you all, an A++.

Kapun Krup, Mak, Mak. Mahalo Nui Loa.
Thank You Very Much

The Pollution Solution Group
Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO

Friday, September 7, 2012

Khun Peak, Manager of the, Surf Kitchen Restaurant, at Soi 5, Jomtien Beach

Khun Peak, Manager of the, Surf Kitchen Restaurant, at Soi 5, Jomtien Beach Rd.
A great place to dine, clean, great food.


Khun Peak points at their new ashtray, donated by The Pollution Solution Group.
The Surf Kitchen Restaurant has always been interested in the environment and was very happy to receive our first ashtray, hoping that smokers will not flick their cigarettes into the street, where they will end up, in the storm drains and become, toxic food, for our sea life and waterways.

Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO