Monday, December 27, 2010

Thai Immigration Office on Soi 5 in Jomtien

Aloha Pattaya Mail

After going to the fairly new and used to be, beautiful Thai Immigration Office on Soi 5 in Jomtien, The Pollution Solution Group was shocked to see how un-kept the outside grounds were.

The parking lot and restaurant area was "full" of discarded cigarette butts, the plants were full of butts, empty cigarette packs, killing the plants, the entrance to Thai Immigration where there used to be beautiful plants, is now full of dieing un-watered plants and were also full of cigarette butts and other trash.

The Pollution Solution Group would like to think that this place, where all Farangs must go to be able to stay in the land of smiles, should be a place, where Thailand would want to set examples for visitors to their country, and to see how it should look and be taken care of.

1. Farangs having a little respect for the area.

2. One would think that whom ever is in charge of the outside area would take much better care.

Inside the Immigration Office has been and still is clean and well organized.

TPSG also after removing all of the butts and trash, installed signs in Thai and English and temporary ashtrays, at all entrances, to the Immigration Office and entrance to the parking lot.

TPSG is also going there before they open to the public and cleaning the ashtrays, picking up the still discarded toxic butts all over the parking lot, as we think when people see a clean area, some think twice before they trash it.

TPSG hope that this matter is taken care of sooner then later, as we are needed at the beaches to clean and set examples.

We certainly hope that this eye-sorer is corrected, so the Farangs start using the now existing ashtrays and hope, they are replaced with something with a little more eye appeal.

This letter is also being sent to Pattaya City Hall.

Mahalo for putting this important matter to print.

The Pollution Solution Group


Friday, December 24, 2010

Think Before Littering


If one ever saw a baby choking on a cigarette end or a bottle cap, you would never litter again. The Pollution Solution Group would like to start to see a big decline in these two items being left behind, for unknowing children and wildlife to find and ingest.

We are not telling people to quit smoking or drinking, we are just asking them to think before leaving things behind that can kill children and wildlife, like cigarette ends, bottle caps, disposable lighters and camera batteries.

We know that Pattaya Mail also has concerns for our children and wildlife and we thank them for putting this to print.

Wishing All, Happy Holidays.
Gerry Rasmus,
Pollution Solution Group

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pattaya City Hall Heeds the Request from Koto...1-12-10

Pattaya People January 12, 2010

They Never Said It Would Be Easy


If one could read Thai, one would learn, that I'm talking to the Pattaya City Mayor and Deputy Mayor about the beaches and storm drain problems, such as toxic cigarette butts, bottle caps, disposable lighters, camera batteries, plastic, things that can and do, kill babies, wildlife and contaminate our waterways.
I just wanted my friends and love ones to know that this dog, is off the porch and barking at the powers, to wake up, and save the voiceless.

The only mistake the papers made is that they said that I was 60, I'm thinking it's because, this too pooped to pop and to old to scold dog, that leads the pack, side steps sea urchins, dodges jellyfish, dances with sharks and from time to time soars with eagles, has weathered Fairly well, considering, life lived.

Just wanted to share with you all, as I have found that inner-wealth and health are the two most priceless things one could ever have, and as my priceless days, months, years start to move so fast, I like to toot my horn from time to time also wishing all Happy Holidays.

With Aloha
Gerry aka KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean
A Legend In His Own Mind, Leaving Only
Examples, Smiles And Footprints Behind.
Cha, Cha, Cha...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Message from The Pollution Solution Group


These are things that The Pollution Solution Group remove, from where mothers bring their babies to play on the beach, daily, thousands upon thousands of toxic cigarette ends, (butts) bottle caps, disposable lighters and camera batteries.
Starting 40 years ago when we first helped a mother remove a toxic butt from from her chocking 2 year old baby girl, that became very ill.
To many people either do not realize that cigarette ends are full of chemicals, (poison) and can kill a baby, wildlife and contaminate waterways, taking up to 12 years to decompose, also bottle caps, camera batteries and disposable lighters, will fit into a child's mouth, kills sea and land wildlife, they die a horrible death of either chocking to death, or filling up on non digestible butts, plastic and starving along with their young, this past 3 years, we have helped another 3 mothers with their chocking babies on toxic butts, another on a bottle cap, on Jomtien Beach.
We wonder how many times things like this go unreported, who would one call, what would you say?
Education, signs and fines are needed, to protect the voiceless, children wildlife and our waterways.
The Pollution Solution Group needs all the help we can get, wherever you live, storm drains are also a major problem, flushing toxic waste into our waterways, we need to stencil them, so people realize storm drains are for rain water and to prevent flooding not for garbage.
Everyone needs to do their part, be it walking the walk or talking the talk, we need to teach children and adults to leave only examples, smiles and footprints behind.
KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean, is asking all, to reach out with one random act of kindness at a time.
We will be giving this litter art, to the Pattaya City Hall Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome before years end.
We here at The Pollution Solution Group feel that he will get much more involved for the sake of children, wildlife and waterways, wish us luck.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Pollution Solution Groups most important message ever


The Pollution Solution Group is asking your great paper to please allow your readers to read and see these pictures, so they can share this information with others.

Mahalo (Thank You)

Smokers, that leave behind cigarette butts, aren't bad people, they are just doing what they have seen on TV and in the movies, all of their lives, movie stars, flicking their cigarettes, not realizing the harm it causes and letting others think it's OK.

Babies up to the age of two, put everything that will fit into their little mouths.

2 of the most littered items world wide, are cigarettes ends and bottle caps, both can choke a baby to death and the cigarette end, are also full of toxin's that can kill a baby, wildlife and contaminate waterways.

Disposable lighters are also a big problem, fish, seabirds and others, mistake them for food, they don't digest and stay in their stomach, the fish, seabirds and others fill up with them, also bottle caps, then starve to death, the same with turtles eating cigarette butts and plastic mistaking them for jellyfish, which is one of their main foods.

When the paper comes off of the cigarette filter, the cellulose actate, which the filter is made out of, looks enough like a small jellyfish that baby turtles and other sea life ingest them also.

These pictures show what it is like for children to be at the beach, parks, lakes, as these are places that are loaded with cigarette butts, bottle caps and disposable lighters.

The other picture is of a seabird that starved to death because it was full of disposable lighters, bottle caps and cigarette butts, also their chicks die because they unknowingly feed them the same.

The turtle in this picture, is also dead, because it mistook a plastic bag for a jellyfish and choked to death.

The last picture is of a mother and her beautiful baby girl, she is afraid to put her in the sand for fear she will find and put a dirty toxic cigarette butt into her mouth.

Forty plus years ago, I saw a baby choking to death on a cigarette butt and from that day on, is why, The Pollution Solution Group is doing the best they can to inform or educate the people that are unaware of the dangers of leaving behind these things that can kill the voiceless, that might find and maybe ingest.

This happens more often then people realize, it mostly goes unreported.

Who does one call! What would they say?

There has been three times at Jomtien Beach, Soi 7 that the Pollution Solution Group, has assisted mothers with their baby chocking on a cigarette butt and one time on a bottle cap.

Remember one child choking, becoming ill or possibly dieing, is one to many.

We would and hope you would hate to have that on our minds, so please if your one of the people that still leave dangers behind or know someone that does, please share this information with him/her, we are sure once they understand, they will no longer litter dangers, for our voiceless to find.

This is the most important message that The Pollution Solution Group has ever asked your paper to print.

Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much)

Health and Happiness to All

The Solution Pollution Group

KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pollution Solution Group Is Happy To Announce

The Pollution Solution Group
Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO
Keeper Of The Ocean
425 Moo12, Nongprue,
Banglamung, Chonburi.


The Pollution Solution Group is happy to announce that we had an important meeting, on the 3rd of November, with Pattaya City Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome and he is now aware of the horrendous garbage problems, at the entrance to Dongtan Beach and will take steps to fix this problem, by a either adding more dumpsters, or having the garbage company pick up the garbage more often.

The Pattaya Mayor will also look into the storm drain problem, that runs along side of the road and walking path, at Dongtan Beach, they need to be cleaned, from time to time and some type of receptacles with a sign, need to be close to the storm drains, for cigarette butts, empty cigarette packs and disposable lighters, so people will not use the storm drains, to rid themselves of them, and other litter.

Storm drains, drain into our ocean, toxic cigarette butts, plastic, bottle caps disposable lighters, camera batteries and other garbage, kills our sea-life, seabirds and contaminates our ocean and beaches.

The Pollution Solution Group also mentioned, imposing fines on people, that litter, be it Toxic cigarette Butts, that take up to 12 years to decompose, and can choke, make sick or even kill a baby, along with contaminating our ocean, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, also killing our water, land, and air, wildlife.

Of course there needs to be signs, welcoming the public, to enjoy the beach and to please pack out what they pack in, also warning them, of a fine for litterers, in Thai, English, Russian, also a picture, so all, understand.

The Mayor is going to take steps to improve this situation, to have cleaner beaches and waterways, which is one of Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol's major projects.

It was an honor for the Pattaya Mayor to take time out of his ever so busy schedule, to talk with The Pollution Solution Group and we are confident, that measures to take care, are in the works as we type.

Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome is a man of his word.

We are all in this neighborhood together, let's please all, take care of it.

Leaving only examples, smile and footprints behind.

The Pollution Solution Group

KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pollution Solution Group and Pattaya City Hall wish all Inner-Wealth, Health, Happiness and Peace.


While The Pollution Solution Group, was removing dangers, from the beach at Jomtien, things that can be ingested by Children, Fish, Turtles and Seabirds, such as, Toxic Cigarette Butts, Bottle Caps, Camera Batteries, Disposable Lighters and Plastic.

Two lovely concerned, Thai girls, started to also help in the removal of dangers that can and do, harm or kill. the Voiceless, Children, Wildlife and Waterways.

We are always honored to have concerned people, reach out and take a part in making their surrounding's, safer for those that have no voice in the matter.

It does not matter where we came from, or where we live, what matters is, where we are coming from, on the inside.

Picking up after others, shows that your a person, living here or on vacation, that understands, that, we are all in this neighborhood together and we realize, how important it is, to save our waterways and protect our children and wildlife, people hear what we say, but see what we do and seeing is believing, set examples.

Leave only footprint and smiles behind.

We are doing our best to get more Farangs to also reach out, we have so many Retired Expats here, with nothing to do, that we are doing our best to organize a Nifty Over Fifty Club, to get healthy and happy, by Waster-Sizing...Bending at the waist, to pick up the waste and by doing so, get rid of both, the pot belly and the garbage, also setting examples, for others to see, we should not be so proud that we can't get a little exercise and make it a safer place, for mothers to bring their babies to play and be able to enjoy the beach.

The Pollution Solution Group is sending the Expat Clubs a message, donating some baht is wonderful, but donating some hands on energy, is like a picture, worth a thousand words.

By starting out with 10 or 30 minutes a day, depending on ones physical condition, pick an area (anywhere) and Waster-Size.

Your mind, body and heart will thank you.

The Pollution Solution Group along with

Pattaya City Hall, wish all, Inner-Wealth, Health, Happiness and Peace.

KOTO Keepers Of The Ocean.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aloha Pattaya Mail...KOTO says thanks

KOTO says thanks

Aloha Pattaya Mail,

Just a short note to say the Pollution Group is alive and well, cleaning 1 beach at a time. Now we are sharing pictures of a few Thais that offered their Tambon and we all picked up trash left behind by others.

We find that there are many Thais that offer help, when they see what a old farang is doing, picking up other people’s garbage, making it a safer place for the voiceless, children, wildlife and waterways.

We have also had a few farangs reach out, from time to time.

Remember, it is never too late to waster-size: bending at the waist to pick up some waste and getting rid of both. We all need to eat right, think right and exercise. Also there is, and has been a major garbage problem at the entrance to Dongtan Beach. We have talked with Pattaya City Hall to bring another dumpster or 2 or have the garbage service picked up every day. If you care call 1337 and also tell them.


Keeper Of The Ocean

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pollution Solution Group Calls on Pattaya Locals

The Pollution Solution Group is asking your great paper,the Pattaya Times, to please help us to inform your many readers about the dangers to our children and wildlife from rubbish being left behind on our Pattaya and Jomtien Beaches.

Many people are unaware of what small discarded bottle caps, disposable lighters, camera batteries, cigarette butts, foam containers and plastic bags can do if ingested by a young child or by sea life, such as turtles, dolphins, crabs and sea birds. read entire ariticle

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Aloha Pattaya Mail

Aloha Pattaya Mail

The Pollution Solution Group is asking your great paper, The Pattaya Mail Serving The Eastern Seaboard Of Thailand, to acknowledge the "Surf Kitchen" Restaurant, on Jomtien Beach Rd. at Soi 6, for there caring and wonderful donation of 10 waste baskets, garbage cans, bins what ever is understandable, to be used on our Jomtien Beach, for the holiday people to use, rather then leaving things behind on the beach, like plastic, toxic cigarette butts, camera batteries and bottle caps.

These baskets also have signs in Thai, English and Russian, saying
(ENJOY THE BEACH AND PLEASE HELP TO KEEP IT CLEAN!) (THANK YOU) also with pictures for all, to understand, they have been making a difference on how clean our beaches are, and much safer for young children to play.

The Surf Kitchen also donated 2 large bags of dog food, 20 kilos, not for the dogs that run in packs and bite people, as we have been reading in your paper, this food is for dogs that have been abandoned due to people losing their jobs and can no longer feed or take care of them, many are on the beach, we find they never bite the hand that feeds and waters them, we are also using a mix of sulfur and vegetable oil 1/3 sulfur, 2/3 vegetable oil, to rub on the dogs that have mange, (losing hair) and not contagious to humans.

Also an endless effort on how to catch, spay or neuter the homeless, some wild, scared and hungry dogs, we have been up and down the beach and Soi's of course we bring food and water, not golf clubs, sticks, rocks or sling-shots, we have been doing this for the past 10 years, never once bit, barked and growled at, never bit.

Dogs, horses all animals can sense fear and react accordingly, if you have a fear or not of dogs, stay away from areas that they live in, don't be walking around areas at night, it's the same in big cities, sensible people don't go out after dark, because of maybe being robbed, raped, beat-up or killed, if your on holiday go where there are other people, if you live here, it doesn't hurt to make friends with the strays in your area, like a bit of left overs and maybe some water, or dog food, make a friend, after all they are mans best friend, the least we can do is reach out, there will be more homeless dogs and people, due to situations everywhere, no jobs no baht, no food, hand outs of water and food to some of the good people and dogs affected by this would be an act of kindness and will look good on your resume to the powers above, share the Aloha, show that you care with one random act of kindness at a time.

The Surf Kitchen Restaurant stood up to the plate, who will be next.
We take our hats off, for caring people like the "Surf's Kitchen"
Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much)

The Pollution Solution Group along with Pattaya City Hall, wishes all
Inner-wealth, Health, Happiness and Peace.

Need Information, See A Problem, Call 1337, Pattaya City Hall

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Aloha Editor

This has been converted to Thai and The Pollution Solution Group will be approaching Pattaya City Hall this month to discuss some of the problems we are having with our beaches and storm drains.We can also send you the Thai version if you like.

MahaloThe Pollution Solution GroupKOTO


Without the support and friendship of Deputy Chief Administrator Khun Apichart, Department Of Environmental Quality Promotion Khun Umnat, Mayor Itthiphol and many others at Pattaya City Hall, The Pollution Solution Group, Gerry T. Rasmus aka KOTO, would have never been able to continue doing their best, to educate the children and adults that live or visit Pattaya and other places in Thailand and would have never received an award from Governor Pracha Taerat of Chonburi in 2007 for KOTO'S and TPSG'S ongoing efforts, to educate the Thai's and Farangs to leave only footprints examples and smiles behind.

As some of you know, The Pollution Solution Group has been cleaning beaches, parks, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks and storm drains for the past 30+ years in Hawaii and Thailand, also giving water and food, (now) supplied by Pattaya City Hall, to many of the homeless stray hungry and thirsty dogs also looking into ways of neutering, spaying, removing some and finding homes for others.

TPSG knows what signs, fines and education can do and has proved this, with what they have done in Hawaii and have been doing in Thailand for the past 9 + years, 7 of those years in and around the Jomtien, Pattaya Beach area and Hat Nang Ram Beach in Sattahip.

Talking to Farangs, Thai's, passing out literature, putting up posters, cleaning the beaches and other areas also putting laminated posters next to the storm drains in heavy foot traffic areas.

The Pollution Solution Group firmly believes that along with all the other problem in Thailand at present, if Pattaya City Hall would take charge, in saving the beaches and other waterways by putting up permanent signs in Thai, English and Russian, with understandable pictures for all, including children.

Stenciling the storm drains in heavy foot traffic areas, in Thai, English and Russian. NO BUTTS OR GARBAGE GOES TO OCEAN also with a picture.

Imposing fines to the uncaring. Educate the unknowing by putting signs on or in buses, taxis, information on air lines, local TV, radio and reader boards at Pattaya City Hall and other places, showing the world that Thailand along with Pattaya City Hall has concerns for all it's residents, tourist, wildlife and waterways.

This this will improve the quality of our beaches ocean and other places and will also tell the tourist, residents and all beach-goers, to come and enjoy our clean safe beaches, ocean, rivers, lakes, parks, wherever.

Some of you may or may not know this, KOTO was a smoker and quit 7 years ago, (not easy) He also used to flick his toxic cigarette butts, not realizing the poison he was leaving behind for unknowing children, wildlife and waterways to ingest, until one day around 40 years ago, he saw a baby choking to death, he helped her mother take out a toxic cigarette filter (butt) the poor little one and a half year old unknowing, baby girl had found the toxic cigarette butt buried in the sand and put it into her mouth, when her mother was not looking, started choking, almost died, became quite ill and had to go to the hospital, from that day on, KOTO has never left a Toxic cigarette butt behind, realizing the danger to children, animals, by making them ill or killing them also contaminating our waterways, killing our sea food, sea life and sea birds.

Toxic cigarette filters (butts)take up to 12 years to decompose.

On Jomtien Beach, TPSG has to date, assisted 4 mothers, at different times, with their baby's choking, 3 had toxic cigarette butts stuck in their little throats, all became very ill, the 4Th baby had a bottle cap stuck in her throat and when we finally removed it she was bleeding, we often wonder how many times this happens to baby's and goes unreported,(Who would one tell?) (Who would listen)

Now, more then ever, Thailand is repairing the problems of late and now is the perfect time to plant the right seeds, while tourism is low, people are worried, concerned, many out of work, many making a lot less money for their family's, many willing to make changes, to bring back the people.

The Pollution Solution Group is more then willing to talk at schools, hotels, airports, shopping centers, fishing villages, students, employees and tourist.

Now is the right time and KOTO is not getting any younger, (72) let's use him while we can and he can.

Remember Pattaya City Hall, we are only as good as our last performance. Teaching people to leave only footprints, examples and smiles behind is our duty to the voiceless, the children, wildlife and all natural waterways.

Please take time to consider what The Pollution Solution Group has shared with all of you, with respect and the understanding of all the problems that are currently on Thailand's plate.

The Pollution Solution Group wishes all at Pattaya City Hall and Thailand, health, inner-wealth, happiness and peace.

With Aloha And Mahalo
The Pollution Solution GroupKOTO