Monday, October 25, 2010

Pollution Solution Group and Pattaya City Hall wish all Inner-Wealth, Health, Happiness and Peace.


While The Pollution Solution Group, was removing dangers, from the beach at Jomtien, things that can be ingested by Children, Fish, Turtles and Seabirds, such as, Toxic Cigarette Butts, Bottle Caps, Camera Batteries, Disposable Lighters and Plastic.

Two lovely concerned, Thai girls, started to also help in the removal of dangers that can and do, harm or kill. the Voiceless, Children, Wildlife and Waterways.

We are always honored to have concerned people, reach out and take a part in making their surrounding's, safer for those that have no voice in the matter.

It does not matter where we came from, or where we live, what matters is, where we are coming from, on the inside.

Picking up after others, shows that your a person, living here or on vacation, that understands, that, we are all in this neighborhood together and we realize, how important it is, to save our waterways and protect our children and wildlife, people hear what we say, but see what we do and seeing is believing, set examples.

Leave only footprint and smiles behind.

We are doing our best to get more Farangs to also reach out, we have so many Retired Expats here, with nothing to do, that we are doing our best to organize a Nifty Over Fifty Club, to get healthy and happy, by Waster-Sizing...Bending at the waist, to pick up the waste and by doing so, get rid of both, the pot belly and the garbage, also setting examples, for others to see, we should not be so proud that we can't get a little exercise and make it a safer place, for mothers to bring their babies to play and be able to enjoy the beach.

The Pollution Solution Group is sending the Expat Clubs a message, donating some baht is wonderful, but donating some hands on energy, is like a picture, worth a thousand words.

By starting out with 10 or 30 minutes a day, depending on ones physical condition, pick an area (anywhere) and Waster-Size.

Your mind, body and heart will thank you.

The Pollution Solution Group along with

Pattaya City Hall, wish all, Inner-Wealth, Health, Happiness and Peace.

KOTO Keepers Of The Ocean.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aloha Pattaya Mail...KOTO says thanks

KOTO says thanks

Aloha Pattaya Mail,

Just a short note to say the Pollution Group is alive and well, cleaning 1 beach at a time. Now we are sharing pictures of a few Thais that offered their Tambon and we all picked up trash left behind by others.

We find that there are many Thais that offer help, when they see what a old farang is doing, picking up other people’s garbage, making it a safer place for the voiceless, children, wildlife and waterways.

We have also had a few farangs reach out, from time to time.

Remember, it is never too late to waster-size: bending at the waist to pick up some waste and getting rid of both. We all need to eat right, think right and exercise. Also there is, and has been a major garbage problem at the entrance to Dongtan Beach. We have talked with Pattaya City Hall to bring another dumpster or 2 or have the garbage service picked up every day. If you care call 1337 and also tell them.


Keeper Of The Ocean

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pollution Solution Group Calls on Pattaya Locals

The Pollution Solution Group is asking your great paper,the Pattaya Times, to please help us to inform your many readers about the dangers to our children and wildlife from rubbish being left behind on our Pattaya and Jomtien Beaches.

Many people are unaware of what small discarded bottle caps, disposable lighters, camera batteries, cigarette butts, foam containers and plastic bags can do if ingested by a young child or by sea life, such as turtles, dolphins, crabs and sea birds. read entire ariticle