Saturday, March 19, 2011

Removing Dangers, Preventing Accidents


While The Pollution Solution Group was removing dangers from the Jomtien Beach we spotted a large log that had drifted to shore, realizing when the tide comes in, this very heavy log would go back out into the ocean becoming a dangerous drifting problem to jet-ski and banana-boat riders also all boats, if hit it could injure or kill someone.

We also realized it was way to heavy for us to remove, so by asking a few young men to assist us we were able to bring it to Beach Road by rolling it a little at a time, to be removed by the clean up crew.

The Thai people are always willing to reach out and give a hand and they make our job much easier.

Thank you Thai people after all "We are all in this neighborhood together"

The Pollution Solution Group
KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean
One day, one beach at a time, "With a little help from my friends"

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Pollution Solution Group...People reaching out

Pattaya Mail...Mail Bag
March 18. 2011


The Pollution Solution Group just wanted to share with your great newspaper a few pictures of concerned people that see us cleaning the beach and want to reach out and be a part of the solution, not the pollution.

The first 2 pictures are 2 lovely students from out of town, who took time from their holiday and picked up litter left behind by others. We thanked them and gave them literature to bring back to their school.

The father and son helped in the removal of the many toxic cigarette butts, bottle caps and pointed BBQ sticks.

After we explained to the father what we were doing and gave him some literature, he then explained to his son about 3 small dangerous things left behind by unknowing or uncaring beach-goers, 2 of them being toxic cigarette butts and bottle caps that can be ingested by a baby. He also taught his son how dangerous it is to step on a BBQ stick, and shared with him that babies up to 2 years old put whatever will fit into their little mouths. He said he wishes that people would be more aware.

The Pollution Solution Group always has literature that we freely pass out or give on request. Please leave only smiles, examples and footprints behind.

The Pollution Solution Group

KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean