Saturday, July 17, 2010

Aloha Pattaya Mail

Aloha Pattaya Mail

The Pollution Solution Group is asking your great paper, The Pattaya Mail Serving The Eastern Seaboard Of Thailand, to acknowledge the "Surf Kitchen" Restaurant, on Jomtien Beach Rd. at Soi 6, for there caring and wonderful donation of 10 waste baskets, garbage cans, bins what ever is understandable, to be used on our Jomtien Beach, for the holiday people to use, rather then leaving things behind on the beach, like plastic, toxic cigarette butts, camera batteries and bottle caps.

These baskets also have signs in Thai, English and Russian, saying
(ENJOY THE BEACH AND PLEASE HELP TO KEEP IT CLEAN!) (THANK YOU) also with pictures for all, to understand, they have been making a difference on how clean our beaches are, and much safer for young children to play.

The Surf Kitchen also donated 2 large bags of dog food, 20 kilos, not for the dogs that run in packs and bite people, as we have been reading in your paper, this food is for dogs that have been abandoned due to people losing their jobs and can no longer feed or take care of them, many are on the beach, we find they never bite the hand that feeds and waters them, we are also using a mix of sulfur and vegetable oil 1/3 sulfur, 2/3 vegetable oil, to rub on the dogs that have mange, (losing hair) and not contagious to humans.

Also an endless effort on how to catch, spay or neuter the homeless, some wild, scared and hungry dogs, we have been up and down the beach and Soi's of course we bring food and water, not golf clubs, sticks, rocks or sling-shots, we have been doing this for the past 10 years, never once bit, barked and growled at, never bit.

Dogs, horses all animals can sense fear and react accordingly, if you have a fear or not of dogs, stay away from areas that they live in, don't be walking around areas at night, it's the same in big cities, sensible people don't go out after dark, because of maybe being robbed, raped, beat-up or killed, if your on holiday go where there are other people, if you live here, it doesn't hurt to make friends with the strays in your area, like a bit of left overs and maybe some water, or dog food, make a friend, after all they are mans best friend, the least we can do is reach out, there will be more homeless dogs and people, due to situations everywhere, no jobs no baht, no food, hand outs of water and food to some of the good people and dogs affected by this would be an act of kindness and will look good on your resume to the powers above, share the Aloha, show that you care with one random act of kindness at a time.

The Surf Kitchen Restaurant stood up to the plate, who will be next.
We take our hats off, for caring people like the "Surf's Kitchen"
Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much)

The Pollution Solution Group along with Pattaya City Hall, wishes all
Inner-wealth, Health, Happiness and Peace.

Need Information, See A Problem, Call 1337, Pattaya City Hall