Sunday, July 3, 2011

From Bangkok to Jomtien Beach

Friday, 01 July 2011  From Issue Vol. XIX No. 26

The Pollution Solution Group had the honor of meeting 2 lovely smart young ladies on holiday from Bangkok with their family at Jomtien Beach, Sunday morning June 26.

Ms. Chalita Sangbhao, 10 years old, grade 4, was playing on the beach and saw the Pollution Solution Group removing dangers from the beach and water. She stopped playing and started to also remove things like plastic, styrofoam, bottle-caps, cigarette-butts, camera-batteries and other man made dangers that can kill, make ill or hurt children, sea life and contaminate our ocean. Then Ms. Fah, 6 years old, appeared and started to remove litter.

We gave both of them some literature and thanked them and their mother for their priceless help and how well she educated her children to pick up after themselves and others, making Mother Earth a safer, cleaner place for all to live. We wish more parents would teach their children the same.
The Pollution Solution Group
KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

This article was published in the Pattaya Mail newspaper on Friday July 1, 2011 (Vol. XIX No. 26).


Sandy said...

Thanks for writing about this. Glad there are still some people like you who value our world's oceans.

Anonymous said...

We are all in this neighborhood together and we should all leave only smiles, examples and footprints behind.
May the force be with us.