Saturday, September 8, 2012


The Pollution Solution Group would like to thank, Pattaya Mayor Ittiphol Kunplome, Deputy Chief Administrator Khun Apichart and Pattaya City Hall, for their "immediate" attention, once we notified them, about the dangerous problem, of exposed electrical wires, on most, if not all, the light poles on Jomtien Beach.

The inspection plates that cover the power, electrical wires, for all the Jomtien Beach, have been removed by someone, to sell, for food, drugs, whatever, It came to our attention when we saw a dog get electrocuted, (died) when it was playing and grabbed the exposed wires. (ugly sad site) All of these exposed hot wires, are low enough for young children, to put their hands, unknowingly on them.

We were going to put duck tape, around them until Pattya City Hall, was able to manufacture, new protective covers, without haste and the quickest response we have ever seen, Pattaya City Hall jumped into action, just a few days after we brought the pictures to City Hall and they were out there, repairing the problem, with proper, protective covers.

We want to retract all the yak, yak we have been giving them, when push comes to shove and our children's lives are at steak, Pattaya Mayor Ittiphol Kunplome, Khun Apichart and Pattaya City Hall, jump into action.

We take our hats off, to all of you and give you all, an A++.

Kapun Krup, Mak, Mak. Mahalo Nui Loa.
Thank You Very Much

The Pollution Solution Group
Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO

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