Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Greetings To Pattaya Mail

Aloha Pattaya Mail

Through out the years you have allowed The Pollution Solution Group to express opinions that they have had and now, we are happy to say that Pattaya City Hall is now assisting us in our efforts to make Jomtien and Pattaya a safer, cleaner place for us all to live or visit.
We want to wish your great paper and all of your readers a wonderful Holiday along with Health, Long-Life, Inner-Wealth and Happiness.
Now is the time of the year for people to make new year resolutions and we along with Pattaya City Hall have some suggestions.
First we would like to thank all of the smokers that do not leave their toxic cigarette ends (butts) behind, that take up to 12 years to decompose, leaving dangers (poison) for unknowing baby's, wildlife and waterways to ingest.
The Pollution Solution Group have helped 3 different mothers, on Jomtien Beach, take toxic butts out of their choking baby's throat, they were just sitting on the beach, playing and they pulled out of the sand these dirty, toxic, killer, cigarette ends, that can and have killed children, wildlife and contaminate our waterways.
Some Thai and Farangs both need to wake up and quit sharing their killer habit with the rest of us, we know it is a hard habit to quit but for the sake of the voiceless, the children, wildlife and all natural waterways, please quit giving poison to them, killing yourself is one thing, killing others is another, the earth is not your ash tray and we don't want our children playing in one, we are also talking to baht bus drivers, motorbike taxis and police to start setting examples by also not flicking or leaving behind cigarette ends (butts) that get flicked into our streets, wash, blow or get swept into our storm drains and then end up in our ocean, killing much of our sea life and also drifting back to shore where children can find them, It's really a no-brainier, if you smoke,
Please "keep your butts to yourself" Leaving only foot prints behind.
Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you very much) Happy Holidays to All.
Remember Pattaya City Hall #1337. See something wrong, call them, English or Thai, they want to hear from you. One random act of kindness at a time.
The life of the people is in our hearts and shows in the land (take care of it)
WE are all in this neighborhood together

If pictures are worth a thousand words, here are 6 thousand words, each bag of toxic cigarette ends are different and picked up each day, at the same area, this lovely mother with her baby, understands the problem and is afraid to let her daughter sit or play on our beach ash trays, the children help sometimes to clean the area they play in, the last picture is a fact, we are there every day and see the problem.

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