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This has been converted to Thai and The Pollution Solution Group will be approaching Pattaya City Hall this month to discuss some of the problems we are having with our beaches and storm drains.We can also send you the Thai version if you like.

MahaloThe Pollution Solution GroupKOTO


Without the support and friendship of Deputy Chief Administrator Khun Apichart, Department Of Environmental Quality Promotion Khun Umnat, Mayor Itthiphol and many others at Pattaya City Hall, The Pollution Solution Group, Gerry T. Rasmus aka KOTO, would have never been able to continue doing their best, to educate the children and adults that live or visit Pattaya and other places in Thailand and would have never received an award from Governor Pracha Taerat of Chonburi in 2007 for KOTO'S and TPSG'S ongoing efforts, to educate the Thai's and Farangs to leave only footprints examples and smiles behind.

As some of you know, The Pollution Solution Group has been cleaning beaches, parks, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks and storm drains for the past 30+ years in Hawaii and Thailand, also giving water and food, (now) supplied by Pattaya City Hall, to many of the homeless stray hungry and thirsty dogs also looking into ways of neutering, spaying, removing some and finding homes for others.

TPSG knows what signs, fines and education can do and has proved this, with what they have done in Hawaii and have been doing in Thailand for the past 9 + years, 7 of those years in and around the Jomtien, Pattaya Beach area and Hat Nang Ram Beach in Sattahip.

Talking to Farangs, Thai's, passing out literature, putting up posters, cleaning the beaches and other areas also putting laminated posters next to the storm drains in heavy foot traffic areas.

The Pollution Solution Group firmly believes that along with all the other problem in Thailand at present, if Pattaya City Hall would take charge, in saving the beaches and other waterways by putting up permanent signs in Thai, English and Russian, with understandable pictures for all, including children.

Stenciling the storm drains in heavy foot traffic areas, in Thai, English and Russian. NO BUTTS OR GARBAGE GOES TO OCEAN also with a picture.

Imposing fines to the uncaring. Educate the unknowing by putting signs on or in buses, taxis, information on air lines, local TV, radio and reader boards at Pattaya City Hall and other places, showing the world that Thailand along with Pattaya City Hall has concerns for all it's residents, tourist, wildlife and waterways.

This this will improve the quality of our beaches ocean and other places and will also tell the tourist, residents and all beach-goers, to come and enjoy our clean safe beaches, ocean, rivers, lakes, parks, wherever.

Some of you may or may not know this, KOTO was a smoker and quit 7 years ago, (not easy) He also used to flick his toxic cigarette butts, not realizing the poison he was leaving behind for unknowing children, wildlife and waterways to ingest, until one day around 40 years ago, he saw a baby choking to death, he helped her mother take out a toxic cigarette filter (butt) the poor little one and a half year old unknowing, baby girl had found the toxic cigarette butt buried in the sand and put it into her mouth, when her mother was not looking, started choking, almost died, became quite ill and had to go to the hospital, from that day on, KOTO has never left a Toxic cigarette butt behind, realizing the danger to children, animals, by making them ill or killing them also contaminating our waterways, killing our sea food, sea life and sea birds.

Toxic cigarette filters (butts)take up to 12 years to decompose.

On Jomtien Beach, TPSG has to date, assisted 4 mothers, at different times, with their baby's choking, 3 had toxic cigarette butts stuck in their little throats, all became very ill, the 4Th baby had a bottle cap stuck in her throat and when we finally removed it she was bleeding, we often wonder how many times this happens to baby's and goes unreported,(Who would one tell?) (Who would listen)

Now, more then ever, Thailand is repairing the problems of late and now is the perfect time to plant the right seeds, while tourism is low, people are worried, concerned, many out of work, many making a lot less money for their family's, many willing to make changes, to bring back the people.

The Pollution Solution Group is more then willing to talk at schools, hotels, airports, shopping centers, fishing villages, students, employees and tourist.

Now is the right time and KOTO is not getting any younger, (72) let's use him while we can and he can.

Remember Pattaya City Hall, we are only as good as our last performance. Teaching people to leave only footprints, examples and smiles behind is our duty to the voiceless, the children, wildlife and all natural waterways.

Please take time to consider what The Pollution Solution Group has shared with all of you, with respect and the understanding of all the problems that are currently on Thailand's plate.

The Pollution Solution Group wishes all at Pattaya City Hall and Thailand, health, inner-wealth, happiness and peace.

With Aloha And Mahalo
The Pollution Solution GroupKOTO

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