Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Pollution Solution Groups most important message ever


The Pollution Solution Group is asking your great paper to please allow your readers to read and see these pictures, so they can share this information with others.

Mahalo (Thank You)

Smokers, that leave behind cigarette butts, aren't bad people, they are just doing what they have seen on TV and in the movies, all of their lives, movie stars, flicking their cigarettes, not realizing the harm it causes and letting others think it's OK.

Babies up to the age of two, put everything that will fit into their little mouths.

2 of the most littered items world wide, are cigarettes ends and bottle caps, both can choke a baby to death and the cigarette end, are also full of toxin's that can kill a baby, wildlife and contaminate waterways.

Disposable lighters are also a big problem, fish, seabirds and others, mistake them for food, they don't digest and stay in their stomach, the fish, seabirds and others fill up with them, also bottle caps, then starve to death, the same with turtles eating cigarette butts and plastic mistaking them for jellyfish, which is one of their main foods.

When the paper comes off of the cigarette filter, the cellulose actate, which the filter is made out of, looks enough like a small jellyfish that baby turtles and other sea life ingest them also.

These pictures show what it is like for children to be at the beach, parks, lakes, as these are places that are loaded with cigarette butts, bottle caps and disposable lighters.

The other picture is of a seabird that starved to death because it was full of disposable lighters, bottle caps and cigarette butts, also their chicks die because they unknowingly feed them the same.

The turtle in this picture, is also dead, because it mistook a plastic bag for a jellyfish and choked to death.

The last picture is of a mother and her beautiful baby girl, she is afraid to put her in the sand for fear she will find and put a dirty toxic cigarette butt into her mouth.

Forty plus years ago, I saw a baby choking to death on a cigarette butt and from that day on, is why, The Pollution Solution Group is doing the best they can to inform or educate the people that are unaware of the dangers of leaving behind these things that can kill the voiceless, that might find and maybe ingest.

This happens more often then people realize, it mostly goes unreported.

Who does one call! What would they say?

There has been three times at Jomtien Beach, Soi 7 that the Pollution Solution Group, has assisted mothers with their baby chocking on a cigarette butt and one time on a bottle cap.

Remember one child choking, becoming ill or possibly dieing, is one to many.

We would and hope you would hate to have that on our minds, so please if your one of the people that still leave dangers behind or know someone that does, please share this information with him/her, we are sure once they understand, they will no longer litter dangers, for our voiceless to find.

This is the most important message that The Pollution Solution Group has ever asked your paper to print.

Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much)

Health and Happiness to All

The Solution Pollution Group

KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

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Good if all you fuckers choked to death - hopefully tomorrow . !