Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Message from The Pollution Solution Group


These are things that The Pollution Solution Group remove, from where mothers bring their babies to play on the beach, daily, thousands upon thousands of toxic cigarette ends, (butts) bottle caps, disposable lighters and camera batteries.
Starting 40 years ago when we first helped a mother remove a toxic butt from from her chocking 2 year old baby girl, that became very ill.
To many people either do not realize that cigarette ends are full of chemicals, (poison) and can kill a baby, wildlife and contaminate waterways, taking up to 12 years to decompose, also bottle caps, camera batteries and disposable lighters, will fit into a child's mouth, kills sea and land wildlife, they die a horrible death of either chocking to death, or filling up on non digestible butts, plastic and starving along with their young, this past 3 years, we have helped another 3 mothers with their chocking babies on toxic butts, another on a bottle cap, on Jomtien Beach.
We wonder how many times things like this go unreported, who would one call, what would you say?
Education, signs and fines are needed, to protect the voiceless, children wildlife and our waterways.
The Pollution Solution Group needs all the help we can get, wherever you live, storm drains are also a major problem, flushing toxic waste into our waterways, we need to stencil them, so people realize storm drains are for rain water and to prevent flooding not for garbage.
Everyone needs to do their part, be it walking the walk or talking the talk, we need to teach children and adults to leave only examples, smiles and footprints behind.
KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean, is asking all, to reach out with one random act of kindness at a time.
We will be giving this litter art, to the Pattaya City Hall Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome before years end.
We here at The Pollution Solution Group feel that he will get much more involved for the sake of children, wildlife and waterways, wish us luck.

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