Saturday, September 24, 2011

Storm drains

September 23, 2011
Pattaya Mail


We here at the Pollution Solution Group wonder why the storm drains are “always” left full of garbage and when storms, expected or not, come, and they always will, many of the storm drains will plug up from the garbage that is tossed or swept into them.

Other litter finds their way thrown onto our roads, streets and walkways, from the rain or wind and for some reason (duh) they start to back up and flood, before they can reach the ocean. This floods our streets, homes and businesses causing unnecessary traffic problems, in some cases injury, sending polluted water everywhere causing infections, colds, much misery and much expense for ground level families and businesses.

We have been asking city hall for “years” to please get a handle on the storm drains, starting with stenciling, imposing fines and having them pumped out in heavy foot traffic areas “monthly” where many people throw, dump or sweep their litter into them. There are way too many that do.

We are not saying that this would stop the flooding, we are saying there would be much less of it. Water would not be as contaminated, not as many homes and businesses would be affected, roads more passable, infection and other types of sickness less likely.

Storm drains are for “Rain Water ONLY”. Way too many people either don’t care, don’t know better or are just too lazy to dispose of their litter properly. Fines and signs should be the first steps and of course talking to schools, and placing more garbage cans.

We are allowing our lives to be very effected by not taking care of our storm drains.

“Water” is our life’s blood, storm drains are the arteries that carry it to our ocean, lakes, rivers, streams and creeks. We are allowing them to be contaminated daily, and we wonder why Mother Earth is acting up.

Thank You


Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO

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