Monday, November 14, 2011

Solution To Pollution Thailand sharing a good story

Aloha Editor

The Pollution Solution Group is again very happy to share a good story due to the fact that, there is so many sad stories of late.
We are responsible for what happens to Mother Earth...
So it is our duty to protect her.


Escaping the flooding in Korat, these 2 young ladies, Som 8 and Pop 6 with their family's, came to Jomtien and were on Jomtien Beach the 9th of November.

While playing on the beach they saw The Pollution Solution Group, removing Toxic Cigarette Butts, Bottle Caps, Plastic, Pointed Bar-B-Q Sticks, Camera Batteries along with other Litter also feeding and watering the friendly, homeless dogs and decided to help.

For the next hour, these caring and understanding young ladies assisted us.
We told them how much we appreciated their help and to be sure to wash their hands after, we gave them some literature to bring back to their school, when it is safe to return.

We are always very impressed when children want to help. Most adults, Thai's and Farang's just look on. One would think that when children reach out to make a difference, Adults would also want to set examples, showing their concerns for Mother Earth and wanting to leave her a safer place for the Young, Wildlife and Waterways. Elders need to "wake up" and play a major part in showing concern along with getting some "needed" exercise.

We are offering Thai's and Farang's a chance to join the Nifty Over 50 Club (Waster-Sizing) and allowing younger people to also join. All one needs to do is come to the Beach, Park, Lake, River, Creek, Neighborhood or wherever litter is, Bend at the Waist to Pick Up the Waste, getting rid of Both, it is called Tam Boon and Exercise at the same time, a Win, Win making a difference, setting examples and enhancing ones Inner-Wealth. We don't need no stinkin gym.

Show The Pollution Solution Group pictures of your concerns and good deeds by email or in person and we will give you a Frame-able Certificate of Appreciation.
Everyday should be Earth-day as Mother Earth gives us daily life.

"The Life Of The People Is In The Land"
"We should All take care of her"

Thank You
Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO
Keeper Of The Ocean

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