Saturday, November 26, 2011

Donations Are Always Appreciated


Donations of any kind is appreciated. If you have the time and need to exercise our waster-sizing program is appreciated the most.

We would ask you to please go to a nearby beach, park, lake, river creek or just around your neighborhood and bend at the waist to pick up the waste, disposing of it properly, one will not only be making a difference in the safety of our children, wildlife and waterways, one will be getting their exercise, setting good examples for others a win, win.

If you don't have the time but also want to donate, feel free to send The Pollution Solution Group some money. With the money we will direct it to what you feel needs the most attention, we are doing several things.
We clean beaches, lakes, rivers, streams and creeks, removing man made dangers that can and do kill children and wildlife also contaminate our life's blood (Our Waterways) We also put signs on storm drains informing people not to throw anything into them in 3 languages, Thai, English and Russian with a picture that explains to all be it children or adults also handing out posters asking people not to litter or flick their "Toxic" cigarette butts that choke, make ill and also kill, children and wildlife along with contaminating all waterways.

We also feed and water homeless or lost dogs, putting mange medicine on the needed ones, finding ways to neuter or spay them, letting them live a free life and trying to find many of them a good home.
If you make a donation of any size or send us a picture of you removing litter or feeding a homeless dog, we will send you a frame-able certificate of appreciation.

We also want to wish you all. inner-wealth, health, happiness and inner-peace.

We use two banks.
Bank Of Hawaii
Gerry T. Rasmus, For deposit only
Acc#000-285424, RT#121301028
Lahaina Branch, P.O. Box 877
Lahaina, Hawaii, 96767, USA


The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited Head Office.
G.P.O. Box 15 Bangkok Thailand
By Telex 20142 SIAMIBD TH. 20455 SIAMFX TH. 20492 SIAMBNK TH.
Drawn on The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited For Chomthian Branch
Gerry Thomas Rasmus, For deposit only
Acc# 626-220772-9


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