Monday, June 11, 2012

More broken swim buoys at Jomtien Beach


These are just a few of the many pictures of more broken swim buoys of the following day, Monday, June 11TH, 2012.

Realizing at this point, the cow is way out of the barn, the least Pattaya City Hall can do, is take the bull by the horns, send out a cleanup crew, remove what is on the beach before high tides keep taking it back out to the ocean, contaminating it more, then is is already. There is something very wrong with this movie.

Again The Pollution Solution Group asks all concerned citizens to please call the Pattaya City Call Center 1337, Asking them to please remove all the swim buoy's broken or not, plastic and flotation foam, from the Jomtien beaches, which are contaminating our ocean, killing sea-life also remove the few buoys that are breaking up as we type also being a very bad sight for all beach-goers.

We really would love nothing more, then to report good news about our ocean, beaches, homeless dogs.  It is very heart wrenching to send these types of messages to the local papers, Pattaya City Hall.  Every new day, we pray for a cleaner ocean, beach, dogs, spayed neutered, adopted. It's a shame that our voice and actions go so unnoticed to the eyes and ears of the powers in control, be it Pattaya City Hall, Governor of Chonburi, Monks, Churches, Expat Clubs, the list goes on. It's almost like everyone is to busy to See and Hear the Cries of Mother Earth, Children, Wildlife, Waterways and Soil.

The Pollution Solution Group could be wrong, but we feel that we "All" Need a Big Wake-up Call, to start taking care of our Earth, Neighborhoods, Beaches, Parks, Ocean, lakes, Rivers, Streams, Creeks, Storm Drains.  Maybe we are just overacting (NOT) We see it daily, most people, (not all) are to busy on Computers, Video Games, iPods, Texting, Electronically Someplace Else, Not in the Now.

Thank You
The Pollution Solution Group
Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO

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