Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sollution To Pollution...Jomtien Beach destruction...Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO


Sad to say, this is just a few, of the pictures, of Jomtien Beach, ocean and beach destruction, that is happening now, has been for weeks, due to lack of planing, or I don't care attitude, from what we can see.
Please prove us wrong, we just don't understand, what is more important then saving, our waterways, be it ocean or fresh water (OUR LIFE'S BLOOD)


The Pollution Solution Group has cried a thousand tears, watching the protective swim buoys at Jomtien Beach self destruct, last year and a bigger mess, this year, leaving a disaster behind, of plastic and floatation foam, covering our beaches, contaminating our ocean, killing all types of sea life, becoming an eye-soar to beach-goers.  Way to few of the beach chair venders, remove any of it, thinking they didn't do it, why clean it. (some do) (some care)

One would think that they would realize, that protecting the beach and ocean is also insurance, to have a business.  We do what we can with a limited amount of help, we remove, in front of some of their businesses, the large pieces of broken away plastic and foam, also the full size buoys, no longer attached, waiting for the tide to take them back into the ocean, becoming a danger to swimmers and ocean craft, as they are full of razor sharp barnacles and can and have caused accidents.

We contacted Pattaya City Hall weeks ago, with pictures, asking them to remove the buoys and send the cleanup crew to remove these contaminating dangers, we only see the cleanup group, raking up leaves in a shaded area at Dong Tan Beach.  It seems like the Could of, should of, would of, got lost somewhere and put on the back burner, until all of the damage has been done.

Beach chair vendors, clean up crews, Pattaya City Hall, Is anybody out there! Can anybody hear us! Does anybody care!

The Pollution Solution Group
Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO

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