Monday, December 27, 2010

Thai Immigration Office on Soi 5 in Jomtien

Aloha Pattaya Mail

After going to the fairly new and used to be, beautiful Thai Immigration Office on Soi 5 in Jomtien, The Pollution Solution Group was shocked to see how un-kept the outside grounds were.

The parking lot and restaurant area was "full" of discarded cigarette butts, the plants were full of butts, empty cigarette packs, killing the plants, the entrance to Thai Immigration where there used to be beautiful plants, is now full of dieing un-watered plants and were also full of cigarette butts and other trash.

The Pollution Solution Group would like to think that this place, where all Farangs must go to be able to stay in the land of smiles, should be a place, where Thailand would want to set examples for visitors to their country, and to see how it should look and be taken care of.

1. Farangs having a little respect for the area.

2. One would think that whom ever is in charge of the outside area would take much better care.

Inside the Immigration Office has been and still is clean and well organized.

TPSG also after removing all of the butts and trash, installed signs in Thai and English and temporary ashtrays, at all entrances, to the Immigration Office and entrance to the parking lot.

TPSG is also going there before they open to the public and cleaning the ashtrays, picking up the still discarded toxic butts all over the parking lot, as we think when people see a clean area, some think twice before they trash it.

TPSG hope that this matter is taken care of sooner then later, as we are needed at the beaches to clean and set examples.

We certainly hope that this eye-sorer is corrected, so the Farangs start using the now existing ashtrays and hope, they are replaced with something with a little more eye appeal.

This letter is also being sent to Pattaya City Hall.

Mahalo for putting this important matter to print.

The Pollution Solution Group


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