Monday, February 14, 2011

I Often Ask Myself

If it's not sand, crab, bird or a dog, (remove it)

I often ask myself.
Why do "some" of the people that make money from our beaches and ocean, do not care about tomorrow and leave a mess, to wash back into our ocean, to pollute, kill sea life and much of it to wash back up to our beaches at a different location, the next day.

I often ask myself.
How can "some" humans, Thai and Farang come to the beach, play or lay in litter, some with their children and also leave their litter behind when they leave.

I often ask myself.
Are most people so busy in their own little world, that they don't see or hear the cry of Mother Earth or the Voiceless, Children, Wildlife And Waterways.

I often ask myself.
Why aren't the people that litter fined? Why doesn't Pattaya City Hall do something to promote safety for our children, clean beaches for people to visit by having the toxic cigarette butts, bottle caps, camera batteries that can be and have been ingested by babies, fish, seabirds, plastic which is ingested by turtles and other sea-life and may become quite ill or die! Bar-B-Que sticks that are stepped on all of the time, injuring the beach-goers, removed by the beach clean-up crews that are seldom ever seen on the beach and when they are, rake sand over the dangers rather then removing them, taking only the harmless leaves and large trash, leaving it looking clean and safe, but more dangerous then before, for a unknowing baby to find dangers just below the sand that they find and put into their little mouths, or stepping on a pointed dangerous Bar-B-Que Sticks which are everywhere, sweeping things under the carpet is one thing, covering it with sand to be stepped on or found by a baby is another, "many" beach chair vendors, jet ski and boat people along with "most" of the beach clean up crew need to be reeducated on how to take care of our beaches and ocean.
Education, Education, Education.

I often ask myself
Am I the only one that cares!

Don't misunderstand me, "many" of the beach-chair-vendors, clean-up-crews, jet-ski and boat operators work very hard for many hours a day, but The Pollution Solution Group has been cleaning beaches longer them most have been alive and we know how to make a beach safe, clean and ways to bring more beach-goers to enjoy Thailand's beaches.

We are willing to talk to "all" that work on the beach on how and what to do to improve the safety and ways to increase the amount of beach-goers, all that needs to happen is that Pattaya City Hall has them "ALL" come to city hall and I will demonstrate simple daily methods on how to keep our beaches and ocean much, much cleaner then they presently are.

Waster-Sizing is the best way, one needs to bend at the waste to pick up the waste, sweeping sand over the waste is a waste of time.

The Pollution Solution Group

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