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Pattaya Times...Pollution Solution Needs you Help

Pollution Solution Needs your Help
Siripun Sinbuathong 22.02.2011 03:53

The beaches are one of the attractions that draw millions of visitors every year to Pattaya. However, these same beaches are treated like a rubbish dump by many and the water quality is poor to say the least. The Pattaya Times wants to change this and through education and a lot of work we are aiming to make Pattaya recognised one of the cleanest beach resorts in the world within two years.

There are many causes that contribute to poor state of our beaches. One of the most common forms of litter on the beach and in the water are cigarette butts. Every butt that people flick on to the road ends up in the storm water drains and then into the ocean with many being washed back on to our beaches and others being swallowed by wildlife. Another problem is people treating the storm water drains as a sewer, pouring used oil, paint products, all sorts of rubbish and dirty dish water straight into the drains which then flows into the sea.  During the past 8 years Gerry Rasmus,better known as "Koto" a Pattaya resident has been tirelessly working to keep Jomtien Beach clean. Seven days a week he can be found at Jomtien Beach at about 7am through to midday picking up litter. He does a great job,removing tonnes of rubbish every year from the beach. But he needs help, a lot of help as the task is massive.

One way people can help is to meet with him and give him a hand.He would be happy to receive help every day,every week or even if people can help out just once it all makes a difference. He currently has like minded people helping him out,both Thais and foreigners,but mainly Thais. He can always use more helpers. He also is looking for like minded people to take over other sections of beaches firstly and then other non beach areas to stop the rubbish from getting into the sea in the first place.

If picking up rubbish is not your thing but you still want to make a difference you can donate money to the Pollution Solution group.This money will be used for posters, laminating film, double sided tape, trash bags and other expenses. The easiest way to help out is to make sure all your rubbish is probably disposed of and if you are a smoker please use an ashtray. If everybody did this there would be no problem. Koto told the Pattaya Times, "It would be great if everybody took a little responsibility for their immediate areas outside their homes and businesses,and while out and about if they see rubbish just take a couple of seconds to pick it up. Apart from removing an eyesore much marine wildlife would be saved. Every item of rubbish removed potentially saves a life. Every item of rubbish incorrectly disposed of is a potential killer."

If you can help in any way please call Koto on 089-8977816 or visit the
Pollution Solution blog http://solution2pollution.blogspot.com/2008/09/help-us-to-prevent-beachpollution.html.

Koto, pictured, and Pattaya's environment need your help to clean up all the rubbish that ends up in the sea and on the beaches. Please dispose of all rubbish, including cigarette butts, into bins where they belong. If you can help out to clean the beach give Koto a call 089 897 7816.

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