Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soi 3 Jomtien Beach...The Tough Get Going

Soi 3 Jomtien Beach

When the going gets tough the tough get going.

Not an easy job, much hammering on the cement upright to brake it down, a beach chair vendor told me it's 2 to 3 meters deep, so I just beat the @# out of it, brought it way below the beach level, broke off the wires, covered it, did a small dance to pack down the sand and moved on to the also protruding fence post, beat it so bad I could pull it out, of course I dug some deep holes with both before I did my thing, maybe an hour of blood, sweat and no tears, some vendors that sell their wares stopped by, shook my hand and went their way.

Many people have hurt themselves quite badly on these two very dangerous post that were protruding a foot above the sand and when the tide is high, people don't see them, and they have been there for many years, a friend reminded me of them and the dangers.

The Pollution Solution Group


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